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Hyperweb Designs is based in Bendigo, Victoria, but we can provide design services to any person or business Australia-wide. We can (and have) designed websites for any type of business, from sports to industrial, from children's clothing to farming equipment. We pride ourselves in designing clean, functional websites, which can be easily accessed by the public, giving your business the best chance at converting web surfers into new customers.

We strive to be the most cost-effective web design provider around. If you've ever hunted around for a professional web designer, you'll know that figures of $10,000+ are not uncommon. Our clients will all testify to receiving unbeatable quotes from us - we have designed sites for as low as $350 when others have quoted over 3 times that amount. And we can even take care of the hosting, the domain names and anything else you need, without you having to worry about a thing!

So take a look around our site - view our previous work - take a look at some testimonials from past clients and contact us to see what we can do for you!

We're aiming to design websites for businesses all over Australia!
We've got a long way to go... (rollover for a closer look)

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About Us


Hyper Web Designs is the creation of Chris & Aimee, a couple residing in Bendigo, Victoria. We saw how other design companies were charging thousands of dollars for websites and we wanted to offer our skills to small/medium businesses, to affordably provide them a way of getting their foot in the door of the world wide web.

Chris & Aimee began Hyper Web Designs in Echuca in 2008. Chris has always loved the art of graphic design, but especially found his passion in the area of website design, after attending La Trobe University for a Bachelor of Computing. Aimee, while artistic and possessing a great sense of style, also has a fantastic way of understanding people's needs - an invaluable commodity for any design business.

So, while working exclusively for a company called Professional Paintball Services, Hyper Web Designs was born in order to branch out and offer design services to any and all businesses that required them. Hyper Web Designs has since physically relocated to Bendigo, Victoria, but still offer design services to anyone with a phone or email capabilities (as long as we can communicate with you, we can work with you).

We are glad you've decided to take a look at our site and we certainly hope that you like some of the work that we've done for others. Don't forget that we offer all kinds of design work, not just websites, so please keep us in mind next time you're in need of some artwork.

Feel free to contact us by phone, email or by filling in our contact form. We're always glad to give you a free quote on anything you need.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Chris & Aimee.
Hyper Web Designs.


Website Creation

Creating a website is more than just a design. Besides the work taken to make a website functional and easily accessible to the world, you also need a domain name and a hosting plan. If it all sounds like a huge hassle, don't worry! Hyper Web Designs can supply it all for you...

Website design and implimentation

Website Design
The process of designing and formatting a new website is entirely unique to each situation.

• How big does your website need to be? 5 pages? ...50? ...500?
• Do you have an existing design or do you need us to create one?
• Do you want the ability to be able to edit the site yourself?
• Do you require advanced functionality - ie. Shopping Cart, Blog etc?

These are just some of the things that go into determining the cost of creating a website.

For all enquiries regarding website quotes, please contact us by phone or email and we will come up with an offer to suit your budget.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration
A domain name is the address you type in to reach a website.
For example, our domain name is hyperwebdesigns.com.au.

Domain names are registered by the year (normally 2yrs at a time) and prices differ depending on the extension (.com / .com.au).

Please note that in order to register a .com.au domain name, you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Hyper Web Domain Pricing:
.com / .net $15 per year
.com.au / .net.au $20 per year (minimum 2yrs)
Website Hosting

Website Hosting
Hosting plans provide a server that hosts your site 24/7, making it accessible on the internet.

We offer green, eco-powered hosting servers, chargeable by 3, 6 or 12 month periods.


Hyper Web Hosting Pricing:
Small/Medium websites $10 per month
Multiple site special Host more than one website with us and each site after the first is half price! Only $5 per month!
Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance
We know that you don't just put up a website and forget about it. Things are always changing and your website needs to stay up to date to attract the most viewers. Hyper Web Designs is available at all times to make adjustments, additions and edits to your site whenever they are needed.

If your website was created by Hyper Web Designs, you receive one hour per month of free maintenance work, just to make those little changes that always come up.

For larger jobs, our standard rate is a very affordable $30/hr.

Be sure to check out our folio section for a look at some of the websites we've created in the past.


Graphic Design

Hyper Web Designs don't just offer website creation - we offer any kind of graphic design that you need to complete your business' branding.

Graphic Design

It's important to keep a constant, recognizable theme throughout your promotional material, to establish a brand that people can easily recognize. There's not much point having a website and then creating posters and business cards that look completely different!

Hyper Web Designs can handle your design needs for a wide variety of purposes, all to suit your brand...

Graphic Design• Logo Design
• Business Cards
• Flyers
• Posters
• Signage
• Facebook and Social Media Avatars
• Email templates
• Email signatures
• Digital images

Our standard rate for graphic design work is $30/hr.

Be sure to check out our folio section for a selection of design work we've done in the past.


Here are some of the great comments we've received from our clients in the past...

The Little Pig Pen - Leitchville, VIC

Capture Me Photography, Maitland

“Chris at Hyper Web Designs was the first web designer I rang when I decided I wanted to start my own website. There were other web designers I had found on google that were much closer to me, but I rang Chris first as his site seemed really honest and down to earth. I know zero about computers and Chris could have totally ripped me off and I wouldn't have known, but he sounded very fair and reasonable when we spoke.

When Chris emailed me his first draft of my website, I could have cried, it was so fantastic. He had managed to create exactly what I wanted, when I didn't even know what I wanted and after only being sent little ideas here and there by myself and never having met in person. Every new page he added to my site amazed me even more.

No question I asked was too silly and my emails and questions were always replied to within 24hrs.

Hyper Web Designs were true to their word on what I was quoted and Chris went above and beyond what I had ever originally asked for.

I have recommended Hyper Web Designs to all of my fellow breeding friends and recommend them to anyone thinking of starting their own website.

Nearly every person i speak to that has visited my website comments on how lovely it is. It as all Hyper Web Designs.

You guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you thank you thank you!“
- Alyce

Capture Me Photography - Maitland, NSW

Capture Me Photography, Maitland

“So glad I paid for a professional website with Hyper Web Designs. Its everything I LOVE about photography..Clean sharp beautiful images that my customers & future clients can enjoy. Nothing compares to professional web design made like Hyper!“
- Renee Archer

Zombie Comics - Melbourne, VIC

Zombie Comics, Melbourne

“Hyperweb Designs took an existing design and worked relentlessly to bring it to life. They met and exceeded all of our expectations, and were always easy to talk to and very helpful! Once the site was up, they continued to provide us with ongoing professional support and definitely went above and beyond. We have no problem recommending them to anyone looking for a professional and efficient experience“
- Nicky & Tristan

Indulge Your Dreams Lifestyle Coaching - Melbourne, VIC

Indulge Your Dreams Lifestyle Coaching, Melbourne

"Although Chris lives at the other end of the state from me, and we have never met face to face, he still managed to build me a website suitable to my business needs. I thought that not being able to express what I wanted in person may be a challenge, but somehow Chris intuitively realised what I was looking for at every moment.

I am really happy with a job well done on my website, and with the business cards Chris also designed for me. Thank you Chris and well done! I am recommending your services wherever possible."
- Jennie Gardner

Katherine Paintball - Katherine, NT

Katherine Paintball, Katherine

"Hyper Web Designs designed my new website for my new business Katherine Paintball. After talking with Chris about a few ideas he designed a webpage that I think is awesome!! Chris is very easy to work with and has some fresh and innovative ideas that I thought were just great and worked really well for my webpage. Not ever designing a webpage myself and not sure knowing how they quite work, Chris was very helpful in explaining how to go about getting your webpage up and how it works.

I think Chris designed a fantastic web page for paintball Katherine and it is very easy to navigate around and promote all my products extremely well."
- Gary Hickey

Urban Indoor Paintball - Wodonga, NSW

Urban Indoor Paintball, Wodonga"Hyperweb Designs' service and support would have to be some of the best in the business, nothing was too much trouble for them. Even the smallest of changes was done in no time and with out any fuss. I would be happy to recommend them to any business looking for a highclass website in today's competitive world."
- Scott Coulston

Marshan Finishing - Moama, NSW

Marshan Finishing, Moama "Marshan Finishing would like to thank Hyperweb Designs for their outstanding customer service and attention to detail in developing a website that suited our needs!"
- Mark Hilet

Contact Us

If you'd like to send us a message, please use this form and we'll get right back to you:

Although Hyper Web Designs is at the other end of the state from me, and we have never met face to face, they still managed to build me a website suitable to my business needs. I thought that not being able to express what I wanted in person may be a challenge, but somehow HWD intuitively realised what I was looking for at every moment.

I am really happy with a job well done on my website, and with the business cards they also designed for me. Thank you and well done! I am recommending your services wherever possible."
Jennie Gardner - "Indulge...Your Dreams"